Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Animal Kaiser Cards!

Check out my Animal Kaiser cards:

Gold Rare:Bald Eagle,Lion

Silver Rare:Showdown

Bronze Rare:Icarus the Young Eagle,Zeus'Insignia,Deadly Technique,Alien Egg P,Ice Meteor,Leadership,Giant Watermelon,Giant Meteor

Normal:Indian Elephant,Dark Scorpion,Coral Snake the 2nd,Golden Eagle,Side-Striped Jackel,Cobalt Blue Tarantula,White Rhinoceros,Asiatic Black Bear,African Wild Dog,Hippo Barry,Andean Condor the 2nd,Dead Leaf Mantis,Indian Gavial,Spiritual Ease,Strike Fast,Power Grab,Flash Of Light,Pure Soul,Turnaround Blow,Time Of Miracles,Feel For Battle,Hidden Strength,Alien Egg C,Alien Egg,Volcanic Chain,Pacific Divide,Giant UFO,Fissure,Super Lightning,Brown Bear,Praying Mantis,Dark Panther,Goblin Shark,Hippo Harry,Narwheel,Call Of The Wild,Iron Barrier,Spirit Of Gaia

Hope you like my cards!

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